24 Transitional Shower Curtains

Shower curtains take up a lot of visual space. For this reason, they are a great place to start when decorating a bathroom; the colors, patterns and materials you decide upon can make it quite easy to pick decor for the rest of your space. Aside from being critical to the visual appeal of a bathroom, transitional shower curtains are also key to keeping water where it’s meant to be: in the shower. Unlike other home design changes that can be permanent and expensive, updating your shower curtain is an easy way to pack a big decorative punch without breaking the bank. So whether you’re going for the sleek, modern look, or eclectic and unique shower curtains, here's what you should consider: More 
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Find the right style for your bathroom shower curtains.

While it is important to consider your bathroom's current design, don't feel limited by the decor style you currently have. A modern shower curtain can easily blend into a traditional tiled bathroom — you just need to pick colors that complement, not clash, with the space. If you already have a colorful bathroom (think a pink- or teal-tiled 1950s bathroom), don't try to compete. Find a nice neutral color, but go for a unique texture or pattern, like ruffles or intricate embroidery. For an underwater feel, try a nautical or beach inspired design, like an octopus shower curtain, which the kids are sure to love. If your tub lacks sufficient lighting, use a clear shower curtain; this will let in a little extra light and make the space feel larger when not in use.

Don't forget about a shower curtain liner, rod, rings.

The curtain itself might take center stage, but don't forget all the accessories that keep it up for good. Solid, sturdy shower curtain rods are a must have — make sure it fits perfectly in the space so it doesn't bend or fall when a little weight is applied. You'll also need to invest in curtain rings or hooks that hang off the rod and keep the curtain intact. Finally, depending on which curtain material you go with, you’ll need a shower curtain liner to prevent mold and water residue buildup. Some options with come with the liner included, but if you choose a non water-resistant fabric make sure you add a liner to the shower-facing side to keep the whole thing in tip top shape.
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