18 Transitional Swingsets and Playsets

As prime playing real estate, your yard should have plenty of space for your kids to play — and plenty of toys for them to play with. Whether you opt for a full-fledged playset or just a tire swing or soccer net, incorporating fun toys into your yard will help keep kids entertained for hours, and even add some curb appeal, if done the right way. More 
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What should I look for when buying a playset?

When you’re making your playset or swing set purchase, be sure to consider what could interest your children for years to come. A little playset with just a slide and swing would be great for a younger child, but one that includes a rock-climbing wall and rope ladder is more likely to keep children’s attention as they age. While popular for little kids, playhouses work well for the older ones too, because they can quickly transition into a clubhouse where kids can play games and hang out with friends. And for an outdoor toy that attracts adults as well as kids, try a tire swing. Tire swings take up very little space, are inexpensive and will be a source of entertainment for your entire family (including yourself).

How big should my outdoor playground be?

Even though you want your kids to have plenty to do outdoors, ensure that your space doesn’t become a junkyard by picking and choosing your larger toys carefully. Unless you have a bigger-than-average backyard, avoid purchasing a swing set, playset and playhouse together. These oversize accessories take up valuable yard space, which would give your kids less space in which to run around and be active. Make sure your yard/playset ratio is reasonable so you can use the space for other activities, such as playing sports, gardening and hosting outdoor parties. After all, the yard should be a spot that adults can enjoy too!
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