1 Tropical Birdhouses

Nothing welcomes the arrival of spring like the chirping of birds and their newly hatched chicks. A great way to bring that special sight into your house is to purchase a birdhouse to decorate your yard and provide a habitat for birds from season to season. While the designs of birdhouses can often times rival the architecture of full-sized home, take some time to consider the following if you plan to have a home that all the birds will want to compete for. More 
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What should I look for when buying a birdhouse:

Drainage Holes: Like outdoor planters, birdhouses need to be equipped with drainage holes to ensure the safety of the birds and their chicks. If you purchase a birdhouse without these drainage holes, make sure to install some.
Ventilation: Preferably in the roof of the birdhouse, it’s important that air circulates freely through the birdhouse. Likewise, make sure that if you select a metal birdhouse you hang it in the shade to prevent overheating.
Non-Toxic Materials: The house will be out in the elements and although it is a decorative garden accessory, make sure that it is made with materials that aren’t any harmful chemicals or substances that could the birds could be exposed to.
Easy to Clean: To ensure many returns of nesters, cleaning out the old nest is essential. If you buy a birdhouse that makes this task easy, it will make for a clean and efficient routine.
Solid Construction: Quality craftsmanship is bound to be more expensive, but ensuring many years of use out of your birdhouse and the safety of the birds choosing to nest in your birdhouse is essential.

Take a look at all of the fabulous birdhouse designs on Houzz, and remember that you are buying a home for an animal so it’s important to consider form and function with this purchase.
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