3 Tropical Housekeeping Products

Even though cleaning isn’t a particularly enjoyable task, it is one that we frequently have to do, despite a lack of enthusiasm. To make the process quicker and easier, make sure you have the right supplies — and organize them in a way that makes sense to you. More 
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What cleaning supply products do I need?

Although the necessary materials can vary depending on your furniture and preferences, traditional cleaning supplies include dish soap, an all-purpose cleanser, a bathroom cleanser, a sponge, a brush, a furniture cleanser and a duster. There are many different brands and kinds of cleaners, including scented and environmentally friendly options, so just use whatever kind works for you and your family. To clean the floor, brooms, dustpans, mops and vacuum cleaners are needed, while step stools and ladders can help you reach high places when cleaning out kitchen cabinets or reaching for cobwebs.

How do I organize my cleaning supplies?

Because there are a slew of cleansers, brushes and accessories to store, taking the time to organize your supplies is essential. Use a storage container, basket or bin to keep bottles from spilling under the sink, or buy a cleaning caddy for grab-and-go handiness on cleaning day. To keep items from getting lost in the shuffle, buy a wall-mounted organizer to store brooms, mops, dustpans and step stools, and keep it in the garage so it’s out of high-traffic areas.
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