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“The mellow wood is a nice contrast to the white and yellow color scheme--and because it has those li” — jenniferruth
“Oh, wow, I want that chair. Or alternately, the same design in a leaded glass window.” — jenniferruth
“Home design1” — Shirley Cate
“Isn't this a nice method of tying on the chair cushions? It has a casually decorative look that goe” — jenniferruth
“fireplace” — Lisa Stevens Ritter
“This room would feel happy even on rainy days. I love the graceful curves of the overmantel and she” — jenniferruth
“Style, design, driveway” — jglievense
“I always like it when I see a chess table or card table or other game table included in a family roo” — jenniferruth
“Let there be family! I can see my children and grandchildren all coming up to have a relaxed time t” — jenniferruth