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“wood, stone, concrete, planting combo” — karrieschott
“Walkway made of big concrete rectangles and river rocks; garden instead of lawn” — mollbee
“planter on casters” — jenfirestone
“Espacio exterior en conjunto” — jcuevasr
“Bilbine and Euphorbia as border plants, love this.” — swalczak
“mondo grass and rock” — eastcrookedlake
“Courtyard/front entry plants paving” — SP Gardens - Susanna Pagan Landscape Design
“Euphorbia blackbird” — dyoung11china
“great patio/ retaining wall” — karrieschott
“Before” — wonthesweepstakes
“Parrots beak” — debra251
“color wavy” — taasogle
“decking with redwood planters” — karrieschott
“plant colors” — barbpage7
“large stones to walk. not sure if earthquake safe. (meaning if they will break in half or shift w la” — lobokuma