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“mondo grass and rock” — eastcrookedlake
“Courtyard/front entry plants paving” — SP Gardens - Susanna Pagan Landscape Design
“Greyish green plants in the bottom/foreground” — dschnair
“love the draping over the wall” — stacyhealy
“Perfect Alignment!” — brannome
“Parrots beak” — debra251
“decking with redwood planters” — karrieschott
“Achillea ‘Coronation Gold’, Goodwin Creek lavender (Lavandula ‘Goodwin Creek’), lion’s tai” — heih
“large stones to walk. not sure if earthquake safe. (meaning if they will break in half or shift w la” — lobokuma
“Concrete pavers” — kathyjaco
“9/25/14 newsletter add'l photos, swipe up front yard concrete with no lawn” — adrienneduff
“BEFORE” — Teresa Dennis Garden Design
“garage door windows” — beverlyakagranny
“The color of the deck” — greeneva
“plant textures” — Katie Das