Elsie Interior's Photos
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“Furniture” — brittajosie
“Shelves” — bharalson51
“Like this wooden crib with the animals. Don't like the curtain or drab wall color” — Amanda Reiss Schiffres
“length of curtain and placement, pouf instead of standard ottoman.” — ingabeee
“powder room idea” — kierez
“Elegant mirror” — casheridan
“The bench/shelving on the left would fit not the stuff on the right.” — pbessett
“Kitchen” — chaseyurgaitis
“light fixtures” — psteph
“Reupholster chair from Justin's parents in something similar.” — toridogruns
“Fireplace Mantel” — lilianabe
“windows in family room” — astrion13
“Hazy skies” — erikahhowell
“Pictures” — bondbond1
“striped couch, different textures” — Ashley Adams
“Love the use of the settee to provide additional space to sit” — Mona Rosow