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Jade Rectangular Ikebana Vase
This vase is very unique looking. The blue reminds me of the beautiful Native American jewelry you can buy but the form has a distinctly Asian feel. Dimensions: 6.75x3.75x2 inches.
“.” — horseshoebaytx
Blue Lotus Ikebana Vase
I have a serious weakness for interesting pottery. This vase has all the qualities I love in a pottery piece. The shape is flowing and different and the glaze seems to flow with it. The wide mouth lets you create a flower arrangement in multiple different styles and will look great in this vase even if you're not a master arranger (like me). Dimensions: 6x3.5 inches.
“New” — ldgapmv
Runner Vase
Ever since I bought my first set of glasses on my own, I've had a thing for cobalt blue. This set of three blue bottles wired together makes a great trio for delicate buds. It's small enough to put on a window sill but would also look great as a centerpiece your family can actually talk over on the kitchen table. Details: Cobalt Blue. 2.75" tall. Made in the USA.
“Grama” — sumerrush
Greenhouse Garden Kneeling Pad
Kneeling in your yard can be one of the most unpleasant experiences so a pad can be a gardener's best friend. I couldn't find one today so subsequently have very dirty, sore knees. Usually these kinds of pads are foam and ugly. This pad has an adorable, retro feeling graphic print that makes me smile. It has convenient handles as well so you can carry it easily and hang it up (...More
“Protect these old kneecaps” — crbedell
Hand blown Glass Flower Feeders
These beautiful glass flowers actually have a very important function. They naturally hold water and act as safe watering holes for butterflies and hummingbirds. What a great way to help the critters out and make your garden more beautiful. Dimensions: 30 inches including metal rod.
“Flores para mariposas” — luisa0511
Soil Scoop Classic
This trowel has such a beautiful, delicate form it almost doesn't feel right to scoop dirt out of containers with it. The size and shape is perfect for indoor container gardeners and would even look great left out after you use it.
“葉型鏟” — rivenchen
Ergonomic Weeder
I came across this tool at the end of a very long day working in the garden with cheap, rusted depressing tools. This set of tools are not only fun with their bright green coloring, but they're created to be ergonomic so you're hand isn't shaped like a garden claw at the end of the day. I need one. This tool measures 2.75" in width and 14.75" in length.
“Ergonomic Weeder” — Cody Coenen
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