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CS103 LED Channel System
The CS103 LED Channel System includes our high quality aluminum channel and compatible frosted diffuser. Suitable for custom high brightness fixtures. Creating a professional LED strip light installation has never been easier. Choose from a wide selection of over 80 complete systems!Comes in 98 inch segments and can be cut to any length. 44.8 mm wide by 17.3 mm high. Includes a...More
C9 WW C85393RY Commercial LED Christmas Lights
Improved RY series contains full rectification on each string for even brightness throughout your installation. Requires C05065RY power cord. See Documentation Tab for details. C9 bulb shape. Warm White. Green Wire. 25 feet long, with 12 inches between lights and 6 inches between the last light and the end of string. 25 LEDs per string. Indoor/outdoor. 120 Volts AC. Linkable u...More
RGB PixelControl LED Strip Light, 60/m, by the 2.8-meter reel
Sold by the 5 meter reel and foot. RGB PixelControl LED strip light uses 5050 RGB LEDs with microscopic built-in integrated circuit chips, to produce eye catching animated effects at densities that were previously not achievable. Each RGB LED contains one IC chip that is packaged into the LED, so the performance and visual effect of this RGB strip is like nothing you have ever...More