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“good idea for drawer with outlet for chargers” — Kristi Werth_Ideus
“Solution” — suzannebongiovanni
“Colored cords” — lynkrieger
“Colored cords” — lynkrieger
“Vinyl wall decals seem like the perfect way to get the look and style of wallpaper without having to” — Vanessa Rough
“I"m a sucker for personalized nursery art. This hand-stitched piece is just adorable.” — Vanessa Rough
Wooden Teether Star by Finns & Flowers
“Perfect for grasping and chewing, I'd keep this beauty in an easy to access toy basket.” — Vanessa Rough
“Garlands always add a fun element to a space. You could make your own, or buy one already made.” — Vanessa Rough
“At first, you can use these on shelves as decor, but later, they will be sturdy, beautiful toys for” — Vanessa Rough
Star Pillow Cover by Nesta Home
“Simple, but whimsical, too--I'd use this on the glider.” — Vanessa Rough
“This would be a wonderful statement piece. I can see it hanging above the crib.” — Vanessa Rough
“Framed and hanging near the bed--maybe it would provide some courage for those inevitable "I'm afrai” — Vanessa Rough
“This is so cool. It's a World Salt Charity Kit. It consists of seven small hexagonal-shaped jars wit” — Rita Templeton
“This gorgeous quilted wall hanging is a beautiful contrast of bright and dark. 100% of the seller's” — Rita Templeton