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“colors” — zc5475
“Vintage crewel. Wow, love all those pretty flowers. So colorful.” — Cozy Little House
“How about a pillow showing off your pride in where you live. The chevron pattern is still quite popu” — Cozy Little House
“Great gift for a new mom! Has all the info right there to remember.” — Cozy Little House
“Everyone knows I love birds! These are real cuties too.” — Cozy Little House
“Maps are in vogue. Now they're on pillows. I knew they'd show up some time.” — Cozy Little House
“Swing” — marianacarmona
Bohemian Chandelier by SN Bling
“Can you imagine how beautiful this would look centered over a table, under a pergola, outdoors? Espe” — Angela
“Fairy gardens are a new gardening trend that places a twist on terrarium creations. Placing a small” — Angela
“These little terrariums are amazing. Imagine these as placeholders or as favors for your dinner gues” — Angela
“A vintage lace ivory or white tablecloth is a must-have addition to an evening garden party. The gap” — Angela
“Perfect for serving cocktails outdoors!” — Natalie
“Lol” — alondrafernandez42