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“There are so many awesome things about this "hugger pillow," I don't even know where to start. Craft” — Rita Templeton
“This fascinating piece is a clock, handmade of polymer. The artist has lots of amazing offerings, an” — Rita Templeton
“Over half of the proceeds from this bold 12x12 giclee print are allocated to The Trevor Project, an” — Rita Templeton
“I can't help but be smitten with these adorable faces! The proceeds from this whimsical print will g” — Rita Templeton
“So cool! Your favorite photos are made into a portrait by this talented Etsy seller, using 100% wool” — Rita Templeton
“artwork on top” — casaguadiz
“Handwoven throw” — lfc270
“Palm prints are an obvious but fun way of creating an island vibe (and I love the hint of pink aroun” — Alli Michelle
“Xmas presents” — sisterdavia