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“Xmas presents” — sisterdavia
“I think creating a certain feel in a room relies on not just the big and bold pieces, but also on th” — Angela
“Change the mood in your room with a colorful watercolor print.” — Bright Bold and Beautiful
“Add a pop of color to your wals with this Autumn inspired watercolor print.” — Bright Bold and Beautiful
“Rachy's bday present” — nhgrande
Brass Duck Bookends by Harper’s Flea
“Brass duck head bookends - reminds me of aunt Diane's house” — Liz Kidd
“Love the delicate diagonal lines of this 1920s industrial painters stand. Perfect as a night table,” — Lori Langille
“I've always loved vintage typing tables. This one in aluminum would make a great bar cart, as a move” — Lori Langille
“Great patina on this vintage metal printers stool. Surprisingly delicate in design, too.” — Lori Langille
“This vintage enamel industrial cart would look fantastic as a bedside table or in a hall or living r” — Lori Langille
“Add a jaunty air to your desk with this vintage nautical ruler — and daydream an ocean voyage whil” — Lori Langille
“Love the way this vintage glass battery jar is being used as a terrarium here. So clever.” — Lori Langille