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Flora Grubb Gardens
Vertical Succulent Garden, DIY Panel
Great for small or large outdoor living spaces, vertical plant walls are trending in California. This one features drought-tolerant succulents. Dimensions: 20" x 20"
“Succulent wall hanging” — pryan34
Flora Grubb Gardens
Wally One, Woolly Pocket Garden
Wooly Pockets hide ugly walls and create living art.
“For front porch wall” — jo246
Flora Grubb Gardens
Thigmotrope Satellite with Air Plant
Add wall interest as well as an instant garden to the otherwise barren landscape of interior walls. Designed by Seth Boor in collaboration with Flora Grubb, these innovative pieces of steel hardware screw directly into the wall unobtrusively staging and projecting the exotic air plants used extensively by Grubb.
“Airplant” — thehiggs
Flora Grubb Gardens
Succulent Ornament
These unique holiday ornaments will last well through the winter season and beyond. Handmade from plant cuttings, the ornamental phase in the lives of these succulents is only temporary as these plants will happily take to planting and may even begin to sprout new roots while still hanging on the tree.
“Great store” — feebop
Flora Grubb Gardens
Aerium Ornament
Specimens of tillandsia, mosses and lichens encapsulated in glass ornaments live in miniature existence on the Christmas tree or even suspended near an open window. The delicacy of these aeriums carefully brings a studied piece of the landscape indoors to enjoy.
“Specimens of tillandsia, mosses and lichens encapsulated in glass ornaments create mini landscapes f” — mooso
Flora Grubb Gardens
Footed Aerium
Add a little serenity to your desktop with a live plant. I adore this Footed Aerium!
“Love them all I had similar containers in med 70” — nannyclara
Flora Grubb Gardens
Vertical Garden DIY Panel
I think a vertical garden of succulent plants, like this one, would make a great substitute for my lack of garden space. Absolutely stunning! Dimensions: 19.5"H x 19.5"W x 2.5"D.
“Vertical garden” — priskamani
Flora Grubb Gardens
Grape Wood Tillandsia Garden
If you are really looking for a low key and low maintenance indoor plant, consider tillandsia. Also called air plants because they require no soil, yep you hear me no soil, to grow. The grape wood is also a beautiful sculptural element. Dimensions: small-10"H; medium-13"H. ($25 for medium).
“Tilansias en troncos” — sayoprada
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