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X & Y Light Pots
Providing both illumination and a place for plants, these light pots by designer Giuseppe Colonna offer a soft, soothing glow. Install a colored bulb in the base to create a unique and fun ambience.
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Flat Life Light by Finn Magee
How cool is this lamp? More than just light up your room, it will also become a piece of art for the wall.
“Light” — elinoradler
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Table Island by Office Originair
iPad, check. Sunglasses, check. Keys, check. While keeping all of your important items in one place, this caddy will also look very dandy on your working table.
“drzac stvari” — alcondoo
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Moose & Deer Head by Big-Game
Playing with the theme of "reinterpreting the codes of bourgeois furniture", these designs are a modernized, almost abstract version of the trophy head, executed in triplicate. Available in natural beech wood. Deer: 20.5"W x 10"D x 27.5"H Moose: 38"W x 24.3"D x 34"H Reindeer: 4.7"W x 6.9"D x 11.8"H Materials : beech wood
“Moose head” — rhborgen
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Book Rest Lamp
Rest your book and light your room with this book rest/light. It houses an 11-watt flourescent light bulb, which uses less energy than a regular bulb.
“Cool idea” — akelley15
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Halve Bookends
This fishbowl divided in half lets you have two beta fighting fish, and they can't fight. Set of 2.
“love the idea of the fishies!” — dannimm
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Finest Paperware Disposable Cups
EUR 14
I love my Wedgwood Jasperware and am utterly delighted that someone has rendered a set of cups in the heirloom style and color — and in paper! Each cup is constructed with cast sheets of handmade paper that have that irresistible tactile texture. I would display them amongst my real Jasperware for textural contrast, and to see who notices the difference. Dimensions: 8cm W x ...More
“paperware” — edwinatout
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Woofer Speaker System
EUR 799
A play on a "woofer," this set of speakers is encased within a pair of dogs, albeit headless ones. They're kind of compelling and disturbing all at once! I couldn't see these in my home (they would probably give my daughter nightmares), but they could bring some life to a minimalist room and would work best accompanied by a sense of humor. Dimensions: 51cm H x 29cm W x 43cm...More
“Woofer” — butterflyinthesky
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