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Deep Cut Emotions Lacquered Swing Doors
Designed by fashion designer Agatha Ruize De La Prada, the Viva Line from Modernus is the definition of this designer's bright and eccentric style. Shown here in a matte red lacquer with graphic die-cuts, the line is available in a variety of custom colors and designs. All of these doors come in swing or sliding styles, and are accented with stainless steel hinges, magnetic lat...More
“Deep Cut Emotions Lacquered Swing Doors designed by Agata Ruiz de la Prada.” — hglez
Light Universal Swing Door
It's hard to beat the modern simplicity of this door from Modernus, with a clean shape that's at once eye-catching and extremely versatile. I love the varied shade of wood shown but there are a ton of other options as well. Dimensions: Adjustable jamb range from 3 15/16" to 5 1/2". Available in a range of materials.
“interior door” — cabernard
Optima Basic Modular Swing Door
There are enough finish and material options for this door to make your head spin, making it perfect for customizing a look to fit your particular space. Dimensions vary.
“i want to use it for ventilation door at main door.” — bhtblue
Albero Frameless Pocket Doors
Anything that does double-duty appeals to the multi-tasker in me, so these sliding doors are right up my alley. They're room dividers and works of art all in one! Dimensions: 1/2" thick glass. All stainless steel hardware. Range of glass options; available in custom sizes.
“cavity slide” — Jase Massey
Colored Glass Barn Sliding Door
Who knew a sliding barn door could be the complete opposite of rustic? Done in colored glass available in a range of colors, this door looks ultra-contemporary, without a trace of farmhouse to it. Dimensions: 1/2" thick glass. Stainless steel hardware. Available in a range of colors and in custom sizes.
“i can leave my barn door open” — Pooptard McDingusdongus
Etched Glass Pocket Sliding Door
I love pocket doors for their space-saving design, but these in particular are pretty great for other reasons too. Not only does the frosted glass let in light, the etched pattern adds interest. Dimensions: 1/2" thick glass. Available in custom sizes.
“Door” — Roslyn
Exit 04 Sliding Door
Thanks to a range of possible materials for the panel inserts, these sliding doors from Modernus are insanely versatile. Use with glass to let in light, or try wood or lacquer inserts for a more defined division of space. Dimensions: 15 3/4" panels, 1 3/4" door thickness, 3 15/16" frame width. Recessed pull handle. Available in custom sizes.
“closet doors” — vspivey
Exit 01 Swing Door
I don't think I've ever seen lattice done in such a modern fashion as with this swing door. The cherry wood is a nice warm contrast to the sleek shape, but it's also available in maple, wenge, and canaletto walnut should you prefer a different look. Dimensions: 1 3/4" door thickness, 3 15/16" frame width. Tempered glass is sandwiched between handwoven lattice.
“design” — neelanand
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