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Mookie Gifts
A Fragile Dog Funny Doormat
So it would behoove you to slowly back away from the door, unless you have something especially meaty in that gift bag.
“for my future doggy” — coconutkiki
Mookie Gifts
High Heel Cake Server
Shoes and pie — two things I never thought should be used together. Better the kitten heel than the penny loafer.
“Cute” — trishieintexas
Mookie Gifts
'A Christmas Story' 40-Inch Leg Lamp
We have one of these in our home. You should have seen the faces of the five exchange students we had here last week. They finally relaxed once they realized the leg wasn't real. It's impossible to explain to those who don't know a Major Award when they see one.
“Nice” — Hilary Rosebrugh
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