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Modern Galley Kitchen Design
“tiles” — tammybarnden
Modern Galley Kitchen Design
“Offset” — petrapsych
“shingles, dormer style” — jodiacharya
“add triangles above all windows to allow for porch overhang over front door?” — shmarieb
“It kinda churches up the joint!” — ugmo71
“Mudroom storage” — elmrn94
“Different olors” — donnachin
“Do not like blue tile pattern up top, but like tile on floor and subway, with glass door, next to tu” — bwd2331
“wash paint brings different items together” — oedge
“love these for switches” — ngdh
“Handle” — Mark Formanns
“Just love this” — mrsmarun
“Railing” — Sushrut Gogte
“Similar exterior” — michaelturri
“Fer forger” — Georges Shabah
“What about the trellis idea for along the main road? That would be awesome....” — hollyflute
“Notice down spout location. Then notice the bracket top and wall construction and paint colors.” — evestay53