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Christmas Decorating like a PRO
“Bocce balls” — 1229odessatx
“Gorgeous Christmas staircase! Love the hanging Bocci balls!” — Robeson Design
“So colorful!” — Robeson Design
“Pretty Christmas ornament for Traditional Christmas color scheme!” — Robeson Design
Christmas Decorating DIY project
“Homemade Chtistmas Tree” — sayray13
“Love the stair garlands with the Bocci ball chandelier” — Robeson Design
“color scheme” — pastorsean90
“Corner shelfs, cool work space” — Charlie Mulliner
“Jeans rods” — rwestlund
“Window treatment” — mccallank
“dark shelving with light accessories” — nillod
“nice and colorful” — Dana Alhammadi
“Comment optimiser le dessous de l'escalier.” — basilide
“Idée de rangement” — basilide
“Shelves” — msmaddie09