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Goodyear Blimp Embossed Sign - Goodyear Rubber Company
What I love about this sign is that it captures all of the excitement of the industrial age Dimensions: 17" Wide by 12 1/2". Handmade. Porcelain on steel.
No Spitting on Sidewalks Sign
This funny sign is handmade in the same way it was originally, back when $5 to $100 was a very steep fine. Hmmm, I wish that was still in effect; I cannot believe how many people spit on the sidewalk these days. Yech. Dimensions: 9 5/8" X 6 1/2". Porcelain on steel.
“ART” — nnbuxton
Pay Toilet
I love when someone has a bit of a sense of humor in their bathroom, and this is the perfect sign to show yours off. Dimensions: 3 3/4" X 5". Handmade. Porcelain on steel.
“Pay toilet 5c” — francisyermad
Pickpockets Vintage Sign
I love a home that has a sense of humor. This is a great warning sign to put by your door, in a bar, or maybe outside your bedroom? Dimensions: 12" X 9 3/8". Handmade porcelain on steel signs
“Love it!” — akersc23
Antique Advertising - Fairy Soap
A charming vintage sign for your bathroom, this porcelain on steel image will make you long for the days when soap was 5 cents. Not that any of us were actually alive then. Dimensions: 7" X 10". Porcelain on steel.
“Laundry room” — bonfiregirl
Cowhide Overalls - Retro Ad Sign
This charming sign will add country charm to your kitchen or family room. Dimensions: 11 5/16" x 8 13/16". Porcelain on steel.
“laundry door” — hglenn2ns
Barber Sign Barber Shop
A great addition to a bathroom or boy's room, this vintage sign adds great graphics and a pop of red white and blue to any room in the house. Dimensions: 18" X 9". Porcelain on steel.
“Downstairs bathroom” — jessicastark
AT&T Sign American Telephone
A little nostalgia for the days before people were texting at the dinner table and not using their blinker because they are driving while phoning. The blue and white, the great old type and the vintage logo make this a fun sign to add to your home, even if you no longer have a land line. 8" square.
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