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“wood wall” — ksmed
“Love the floor” — megansobel
“Bookshelves between studs on closet walls” — respilosa
“Gray tone walls” — Nancy Doda
“Sinks” — canbyhagino
“Shower” — canbyhagino
“Toilet under slope” — respilosa
“shelves for next to the fireplace” — Brandi Fisher
“Grey vs wood and lights contrast” — chunkster
“rustic touch” — ksmed
“Great idea for closet space.” — Cher Finnan
“color” — kirstenfox
“backsplash” — Brandi Fisher
“island” — onebirch
“clean, modern” — ADAPT Architecture
“lamparas” — piruja74
“Screen porch with lower section solid” — designer_lori
“Porch” — diamon12
“modern farmhouse” — Molli Ittel
“la couleur du balcon” — Guillaume Turcotte