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“setting!” — Retta Prevo
“These Dedon club chairs look good as they have a higher back which makes them more comfortable that” — 1orange1
“feels cozy. TV is watchable but does not take over the space” — suzanne52
“Look at what God created. Such a beautiful sight. I love it!!!” — amg00448
“Wood on walls” — ameldahl
“Cabinets, sinks and tub” — Gail Coppage
“Counter” — kellybuckley23
“All of it” — nslavin63
“Color border at Double area” — Candice MJ
“Sliding door” — tweedman
“tv space and access to bath & outdoors” — Retta Prevo
“Ciné” — knizou
“Lantern” — slovnet
“nice barback” — Frank Faustus
“the couch” — dinahaggag
“Crib” — feliciasmith22
“The dresser and armoire are perfect!” — thickchick8284
“Clothes hanger (outside) as today choice...” — aalraddadi
“Mesitas” — mftcm123