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“Neat glass wall” — amibayfront
“These Dedon club chairs look good as they have a higher back which makes them more comfortable that” — 1orange1
“Tv mounted” — susierickard
“Outdoor chairs” — PS Interiors
“Bar in home theater” — rfpenny
“Cabinets, sinks and tub” — Gail Coppage
“bronzite granite counter top” — michelem3
“Fantastic fireplace wall” — teresadavies
“Sofa” — PS Interiors
“My favorite sofa” — lsgoldie56
“Size of base boards and door frames” — tedbixby
“Theatre” — jaboyle5
“Lantern” — slovnet
“Биллиард2” — Сергей Довгий
“Fireplace” — Katherine Brown_Nutter
“The crib” — Lily Samarasekera
“Lamparas y armario” — Michelle Salazar
“trad” — hebaafarouk
“Soft hues, romantic & classic.” — adellemccoll