1,217 Waste Baskets

Many rooms in the house benefit from waste baskets, from kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms. To determine what type of basket is right for you and your trash, consider how much garbage you’ll be placing into your waste basket on a daily basis, as well as aesthetic preferences, materials and features. More 
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What types of waste baskets are available?

Waste baskets tend to differ depending on the room you’ll be placing it in. Due to the nature of kitchen garbage, many kitchen waste baskets are made to be easily accessible while containing odors through hands-free and odor sealant options. Bathroom and bedroom waste baskets tend to be smaller to sneak in between the toilet and vanity or tuck beneath a bedside table. If space is particularly tight, consider a wall or cabinet mountable waste basket to take care of your trash needs without getting in the way.

What styles and materials should I look for?

Waste baskets are generally made of plastic or metal; the type of material often dictates the style. Determine your aesthetic preference, the quality you’re seeking and what will look best in your home to make your choice. Metal waste baskets offer a timeless, chic look that is more durable and long-lasting than plastic. However, plastic waste baskets are lighter and easier to move, and are available in a variety of colors and styles to further customize your space.

What additional features might I consider for my waste basket?

Beyond hands-free and odor sealants, you may also want to consider removable liners for easy cleaning, or a trash bag fastener so it always stays in place, despite heavy items. For extra safety, consider a fireproof waste basket made with steel to keep a fire contained within the basket in case of any accidents.
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