6,006 Wine Racks

So much wine and nowhere to store it. Never the case if your kitchen is stocked with a wine rack or two. Whether or not you use it to display your showcase wines, or simply as a loading dock between the store and the refrigerator, a wine rack is an elegant and easy way to add more storage and organization to your kitchen. There are even designs out there bordering on sculptural. More 
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The great thing about wine racks is that they are extremely versatile and applicable to any space in your home. Unlike many other storage devices, wine racks are designed to occupy as little or as much space as you have to offer. Whether or not you have an extra corner of countertop to spare, or an entire wine cellar, there is a wine rack for you.

Should I buy a tabletop wine rack?

If you are looking for a one stop wine shop, a nice tabletop rack is a great place to start. They are completely self contained and there are a wide array of styles and materials to choose from. With designs spanning from floral spiral racks to wicker baskets, the tabletop wine rack is the best option for instant gratification for a lower price tag.

What about a modular wine rack?

Modular wine racks work best for a growing collection of bottles. If you have a growing wine collection, or perhaps a lack of commitment, consider a modular or stackable wine rack system. They are sold in every material from plastic to chrome wire and have the potential to store infinite bottles of wine. Modular wine racks are just one piece of the growing trend of modular furniture and storage systems, and can really add cutting edge design style to your kitchen. It’s a great option if your space is limited now but may become more available in the future, or if you simply prefer not to commit to a major furniture piece up front.

Are wall-mounted wine racks good for my space?

Apartment dwellers rejoice, or for those lacking in available counter space, wall mounted racks get the bottles off the floor and onto the wall. Consider it a new source of wall decor — actually better, because you can drink it too. Instead of cramming bottles in a cabinet or on the floor, keep them at eye level with a wall rack. Everything from industrial rubber to rustic wood, wall racks put fun in functional.

Do I have enough room for a freestanding wine cabinet?

Looking to add a statement piece of furniture to your kitchen and dining room? Cabinets and racks — whether, handmade, vintage or new — can really add heft to a room. Large scale freestanding furniture pieces really add to the overall design style of a space more than a tabletop or wall rack might. Many cabinets are designed with wine glass storage and other shelves for barware and stemware, and can become an all inclusive miniature wine bar.
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