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Green StreetDaedalus Design Build
View from driveway of green wall and mahogany deck stair Kyle Born
What is the depth of the wall?
Like the environmental wall for privacy.
Wall of plants / flowers
Feature garden wall!!
Succulent wall....yes!
Love the plant walls
Succulents in a wall
planted wall of succulents
very nice wall of plants
Cool wall of succulents!
Wall between our neighbors yard.
love this living wall
Succulent wall hanging
I love the succulent wall!
Love the plant succulents wall!!!
Green wall succulants Mahogany deck
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located in downtown Denver, CO. The home has strong architectural forms, a beautiful glass staircase, recyclable 3D wall panels at the loft ( by from Inhabit®) and a wonderful Living Wall feature dividing Living and dining area Photos by Jenifer Koskinen- Merritt Design Photo
Where can you get a plant wall? Is that a certain kind of planter wall, of is it custom?
May I have info on the Great Wall please?
HI, First of all sorry for the late response. The living wall was provided by a local (Denver) firm http://www.cityplantscaping.com/Greenwalls.html They do custom. any type and size you want. I hope this helps
Plant wall and pool table cover
I want me a living wall !!!
Indoor wall plants to promote the indoor/outdoor feel
LuptonDanes Custom Homes
How are the living wall hangings constructed?
potted plants at an angle. The plants are watered via a capillary wick drawing water from the bottom of the tray holding the plants. The product is called a plant portrait , and is available through your local interiorscape/plants aping company. Other walls are made with plant pockets and planted using
using soil and plants. Still others (see photo are hydroponic systems. These are also available from your local interiorscaper.
feature and the plants on the wall
plantings mounted on the wall around the fountain, here's a thought
Could do a plant wall at the tangent point.
beautiful on a plain blank wall. Charming
Good Idea for the wall besides the servant room
Outdoor Living WallBright Green
Succulant Living Wall in Outdoor Living Space
Love the wall. How is the structure created to support the plants. Is this a system that can be purchased ?
Hi, your wall is stunning! can you tell me how much maintenance is required?
plant a wall like this? How is it watered?
Our company Urban Landscape did the install and overall design of this properties pool, living wall, and outdoor living areas. Just making a note
Can you plant edibles on a wall like that? I have a small yard and would love to plant a vegetable/fruit/herb garden.
How much does a living wall project like this one cost?
That is the most beautiful plant wall I have ever seen. I would also love to talk with you. You added another smile to my face today. Thanks for the beauty you created for us all to
Living WallsUrban Landscape
you explain what the plants are growing on? And would you name the plants, too?
How to maintain a wall garden
beautiful "living wall" but have trouble keeping plants in the different blocks. Some just stay empty... and most of the wall looks brown during the winter.
Thank you for your question! Since green walls are dynamic, living things, they must be maintained. Having a green wall is a commitment, like
your wall. To thrive, it should be cared for by a professional maintenance technician (recommended and trained by Plant Connection) . The most important aspect of the maintenance is ensuring that the irrigation system is working properly. This means not underwatering or OVER watering the plants. And
Can you tell me about the planter construction. Do you sell it in various sizes? How are the plants watered?
These are real plants on the wall?
Nursery. We used 10"x20" individual planter panels that were mounted to the wall on manufacturer provided strips. You can use multiple panels to create whatever size wall you want. A drip system was installed through the wall behind and ran along the top of each planter panel. We highly recommend professional
Yes they are! The plants include Echeveria metalica, Ophiopogon planiscapus 'nigrescens', Ajuga 'Dixie Chip', Veronica repens, Sagina subulata aurea 'Scotch Moss', Pellaea rotundifolia 'Button Fern' and Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'. The pattern represents a wave with other abstract forms
Nisqually Reach ResidenceJeffrey B. Glander & Associates
planted retaining wall? maybe do a smaller version of this kinda like Bubba suggested
but plants can grow inside..stabilize hills
planted retaining wall
Retaining wall plant
Retaining wall criblock
pretty retaining wall, major
Crib lock retaking wall
Green retaining wall
Hillside planting grid.
Plants in retaining wall
Love this retaining wall.
Foliage for our wall.
Criblock Planted Retaining Wall
Retaining wall...Living wall...Plants for the wall...Planted wall...Wall of different...plant wall...Crib wall...Privacy wall...Road wall...wall garden...The living wall....living wall...retaining walls...Retaining wall
How are plants attached or held onto the wall?
Love this wall. How did you construct it?
Love this living wall! How do you prevent the foliage from drooping and is the irrigation system hidden behind
supplied to keep the plants moist, so try to carefully look at the pictures that are provided. (Light could of been better in photo) Love them! Plants seem to stay in no problem although I think I have birds that are exploring, so once in a while I'll have dirt below the living wall.
Love this wall, same question, how was it constructed
I want to built the same wall but how will it be possible
Google Karoo living walls. built in drip system, water from the top and
about this photo? The succulent plant wall
Living Wall, Los Altos Hills, CA
Green Wall, Limestone outdoor shower, Ipe wood deck JKT Associates, Inc.
The "Vertical Green Wall" has three major components, A structure vertical frame made from mild steel, The vertical green wall trey system engineered and marketed by Tournasol Siteworks http://www.tournesolsiteworks.com and a beautifully design planting scheme by April Phillips Design Works
wall garden near grey water of outdoor shower
Succulent FrameBright Green
Flora Grubb Designed Living Art piece, using Bright Green Living wall planter
can this plant wall overwinter in Albuquerque?
no sure, but it looks like a living wall to me, not a tv or painting.
chartreuse plants enliven a living wall, complementing the greenish blues of the glazed pottery in this patio at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco. I love how the cool greens pop against the red corrugated siding.
3. Plant a wall garden. As intricate and beautiful as a work of art, a wall-mounted
Another option for growing succulents vertically is using a Living Wall Planter from Bright Green. Bright Green sells planters with a moisture mat that keeps watering simple and doesn't require removing the frame from the wall.
debora carl landscape designdebora carl landscape design
living wall of succulents and grasses
keep the plants from falling off?
what are the names of these plants please ?
What are these plants planted on/attached to?
living wall of succulents & grasses
Should these plants be watered and how do you do that?
Springs and I would love to do this on my outdoor entry wall except horizontally. What do you think the charge would be to come here and do this installation?
Does the wall behind get wet? What is cost ?
Have aviary. Wall I am considering is wall in condo that attaches to space of other condo. Do
Love the plant next to the blue fescue
How we give water to the plants?
I am not sure which plant you are referring to. Is it a plant in the succulent wall or the red cordyline on the far left of the photo?
Great wall! Whose system is it?
how to put the planting on the wall.
Besides the fern, what are the other plants?
What type of wood or board must one use to replicate this wall of moss?
interest in the wall. The technical questions would be best answered by the team at Habitat Horticulture (http://habitathorticulture.com). Please see the below response for details on the plants. Cheers! The team at Siol
We worked with Habitat Horticulture to make this custom wall system.
Buildings specialize in green walls and roofs they are the guru of walls check out their website www.greenscapedbuildings.com
we're still in love with this live wall! Great design by Siol, sets
Hi bignose, Isn't it a gorgeous living wall? I don't know all the specifics, but encourage you to reach out to the Habitat Horticulture (http://www.houzz.com/pro/daviid-brenner/habitat-horticulture)
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