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How do I get photos for entire project?
Today, I have published one blog post about large and mini chandelier on my home decor blog. ... I want to published photos for entire project. So, How do I get it?
Looking for metal kitchen cabinets in an art form
Looking for different shapes for a very artsy kitchen in cabinets made out of metal in colors. Please send ideas or sources at joseysclip@att.net. Thank you JH
I want to paint my master bedroom a beige and was thinking of using Benjamin Moore clay beige. Could you please recommend a color(s) that would go well for the master bathroom? Thanks!
you so much. I'm trying to decide between Clay Beige and Manchester Tan. The Clay Beige looks very pretty in this picture.
Architect: Thompson Naylor Architects Photo Credit: Meghan Beierle An award winning, certified Platinum LEED for Homes Project.
American Clay vs California One Kote?
I saw this home on the AIA tour... gorgeous. You mentioned the walls were American Clay; how does this compare to (unpainted) California One Kote? I am building a house on the coast
installed metal mesh edge pieces at corners to make corners more durable. 2) Cleaning - easily cleanable. One client described having a fruit smoothie splash on their wall. He wiped it up immediately. There was a bit of discoloration, so he wet a sponge and lightly washed and smoothed the clay, removing
inquiry about our Victoria Garden Mews project. And thanks to Grace Design Associates for passing on your question. We are not familiar with, have never used, California One Kote. As a result, we are unable to compare the two. As far as our experience with American Clay is concerned, we have used it multiple
utopia projectsibrahim radwan
Was this same clay paint used on countertop??
Was this same clay paint used on counter top
clay painted walls are gorgeous and the color of the door and trim is benjamin moore
Clay paint. Add a little pizzazz and texture by choosing clay paint vs. traditional. You can apply it to plastered walls, drywall or other surfaces, and best of all, it’s non-toxic.
Napa Wine CountryJohn K. Anderson Design
The wood used in this project is reclaimed of different kinds and from different sources. The stain varies and were custom mixed specific to the project.
All of this was custom made by local cabinet makers and metal workers in Napa Valley area
the colorful cabinet combined with wood walls and metal elements.
Clay PotEveryday care: Most clay pots must be soaked in water for 15 to 30 minutes before each use. Always place your clay pot in a cold oven so the pot can come up to temperature gradually. Do not use your clay pot on the stovetop or under a broiler, and never put a hot pot on a cold surface — any sudden
can break it. Clean it promptly, using a paste of baking soda; rinse with warm water. Soap is not recommended for unglazed clay pots, though you may be able to use a mild soap on clay pots that have been glazed; check with the manufacturer.Stain removal: Try leaving a paste of baking soda on the discolored
NessAndrew Sherman Photography
Co. in Savannah, GA who were the designers on this project. Specifically Christian Dunbar @ 24e. ... 912-233-2274
I'm not positive but try Clay Beige! ...
I was just the photographer on this project so I don't have any details about the rug. But, I
little bit. The silver metallic is available at Sherwin Williams!
I have no idea where the homeowner bought the bed, I'm sorry I was just the photographer on this project!
I am unsure of the color and material of the drapes! I was just the photographer on this project and have no information
I'm sorry I have no information on the specifics of any items in this photo. I was only the photographer on this project!
I am unsure as to what the proper size of rug would be under a king bed as I am only the photographer of this project and not an interior
Was American Clay used throughout the home?
My metal external staircase is beginning to rust and the paint is flaking in areas. Is the best method to prolong the life of my staircase, to: grind back the paint, prime the metal and add a new top coat? Also
American Clay has a product call Porcelina it can be applied to create a smooth shinny finish.
The white outer color is American Clay Plaster. Inside the fireplace is lined with Granite, the stone Heath is Grey Leuders Limestone. Best, Matt
venetian plaster. A skilled seasoned decorative painter in your area shoud be able to achieve this, do samples first and ask to see other plaster project they have done before hiring them. Karen
They came through the Architects who did the interiors on this project. FAB Architecture. Best, Matt
Duncan Avenue Basement RenovationRyan Duebber Architect, LLC
Will the metal siding rust over time?
What is the life of the metal wall? Does it lose it's luster? Does it rust?
What was used here to case/frame the corrugated metal on the top (and I'm assuming the bottom as well)
It has a galvanized finish so no it will not rust unless it is exposed to moisture on a continual basis (i.e. outside). Usually even bare metal won't rust in doors if the space is conditioned correctly. To be safe though you can apply a clear coat to seal it and protect it (for bare steel that
what kind of paint did you use, did you just spray it before you got into anything else? does the paint hold up to the hot metal air ducts?
Corrugated metal. See other photos for more detailed description.
Hobbit HouseArcher & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.
I heard about this house on NPR this weekend. Great to see the photos today. Lovely project! Jennifer
my precious!!!!! where is Bilbo?
clay tile...clay tile roof
East Side EdenTaste Design Inc
Is that a Silgranit sink? If so, what color? Metallic Gray
molds, in order for the clay to be able to fall out of it I have to slope all four sides of the mold cavity slightly, this is called the "draft angle." When making a tile, we hand press moist clay into the cavity, then flip the mold over and release the clay onto a catchboard. The clay takes the shape of
Great faucet. I believe it has a metal spray head too...
Fisher Road ResidenceDomiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC
Shouldn't paint grip metal be painted?
Nightingale Architectural Doors, Inc (Dallas) 972-878-1133. it was a custom built door for this project. if you call them, reference the project in dallas for Arthouse and it's likely they will remember the project. (i think the contact at nighingale is richard)
term to describe it, which I associate with copper and some other metals. Blotchy, dull, uneven wear is another description.
i do not know where you live. but in dallas, you can drive around and see old houses with paint grip metal unpainted after 20 years, looks fantastic. personally i don't like
the roof is a paint grip standing seam metal roof
Love the combination of siding and stone on this project. One of my favorites on Houzz.
Carson Poetzl, Inc.Carson Poetzl, Inc.
Will you please tell me the color name and brand of the clay roof til
Would you please tell me the color name and manufacturer brand of the clay roof tiles
glass & mounting flange options for installation. You are welcome to contact jerry@solidbronzewindows.com or call our office 210.832.8040 with your project details and we will gladly assist you. You are welcome to view our ideabooks or product video & website- ... ... ... ... ... ...
light walls - darker window/door metal
Clay tile. Like the stucco walls that support them, clay tile roofs are created by mixing natural materials and forming the mix into a special shape. As each tile weathers and ages
Suburban NY SpaceClay Decor, LLC
molding, Gothic Border, and Chair Rail. All in Earthly Plum and Buttercream glazes. Leilani Ellipse and Gothic Border design commissioned for this project specifically. Photo by Peter Rymwid, tile layout by Ann Romano (Stone and Tile Emporium), Peter Salerno kitchens.
Consider painted pressed tin ceiling, then colored or metal pressed tin backsplash in same pattern
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