We are fine antiques restorers with 20 years experience, acquired mostly in France and Italy (graduated from the “Ecole Boulle” in Paris and Italian Art & restoration degree).

Our work is based on conservation and restoration, specialized in furniture, gilded and painted objects.

We recently opened our workshop, 5 min away from the Lincoln tunnel, in Union city NJ.

What we can offer :

Conservative restoration : Analytical abilities to recognize periods and technique of antique furniture, reinforcement with reversible products, preservation of antique finishes.

Integrative restoration : integration of missing parts with reversible products, removing veneer repairs of cores and integration of veneer plus re-gluing original veneer, refinishing respecting the original technique.

In details :

Any kind of structural repairs and any kind of repair on veneer and solid wood.

Repair on sculptures and marquetry.

Treatment of wood worms.

Any kind of finishing preservation.

Removing finishes, refinishing (french polish, satin finishes, oil varnish finishes and lacquers).

Any kind of guilting, silvering, metal leaf and patinas.

Any kind of cleaning of original paint surfaces.

Any kind of reconstruction, matching colors on paints wood grain and gilding.

We have worked on furniture of cabinet maker and designer such as

Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann

Jules Lelue


Eugene Printz

Maxime Old

Mathieu Criard


JME J.G Shlichtig


Please keep in mind that our prices are very flexible, according to the scope of the work.

We hope to ear from you soon and thank you for your consideration.

Services Provided
Restoration Conservatrice and Integrative

Areas Served
New york City
New Jersey
Contact: Bruno Desbonnes
Location: 600 Palisade Avenue
Union City, NJ 07087
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