Since opening our doors in August of 1999 Amish direct furniture has exclusively carried authentic Amish furniture. All of our furniture is truly made by the Amish. One look and you can easily see the difference between our hand crafted, Amish made furniture and the mass produced, imported furniture you find in the big box store.

Often we hear the question what makes Amish furniture so special. Well the benefits of Amish furniture are many; From its customizability to it's longevity and much more.

First you're are not forced to settle on furniture that doesn't fit your needs or home. Everything the Amish build can be customized to one degree or another. In a few cases it may only be the kind of wood the furniture is made of and the color but in most cases you can change just about everything to get exactly what you need.

Second it's American made. A true rarity in this day and age, especially when you look at the vast majority of furniture out there. Not only is the furniture built here in America but whenever possible American made hardware is also used. From the screws, nuts and bolts to the handles, pulls and drawer glides everything is done to try and find an American manufacturer for them.

Third strength and longevity. In this day and age of cheap disposable goods, where everything has to be the newest latest greatest trendy thing, Amish furniture stands in direct defiance of that ethic. It's built to last a lifetime and then some. Barring fire or flood this is furniture your children will inherit.

Fourth Amish furniture is a very eco-friendly product. It's made of wood, real locally grown hardwoods, a renewable resource. For every tree harvested at least 2 trees are planted to replace it. Harvesting and using the trees locally decreases the carbon foot print as well. There is some limited use of cabinet grade plywood and all of the glues and adhesives used are compliant with california environmental laws. Our coatings range from the standard catalyzed varnish to waxes and oils. All your choice making it even more green.

Areas Served
United States
Contact: Duane Schroeder
Location: 42200 Mound Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
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