Architecture in Formation PC is a young, emerging New York City architecture and design firm founded in 2001 by Matthew Bremer, AIA. The Practice is commited to exploring the ever-evolving process of “making” architecture with ever-fresh conceptual rigor and formal dexterity. While strong theoretical concepts belie each project, the work is not overly theoretical.

A deep understanding of the relationship between a project and its larger physical and cultural context informs the firm’s methodology: expansive in-depth research at the service of thoughtful and innovative objects, buildings, spaces, and places.

AiF is committed to solving environmental problems using equal parts prudence and audacity: a constantly watchful eye, and inordinate blind faith. We are yesterday’s children and tomorrow’s mentors. The work relies equally on analog and digital explorations, and varies significantly depending on place and purpose. A given project is just as likely to be born of a series of hand-sketches, on-site analysis, and physical models as CNC laser milling: in short, using appropriate technologies at the service of environmental circumstance. Perhaps the one consistent thread running through all projects is the desire to achieve an end result for users that is both obvious and unexpected.
Location: 526 West 26th Street Suite 422
New York 10001
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