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The materials we work with include but are not limited to are wood, terra cotta, porcelain, cast and fabricated bronze, brass, steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, plaster and cast stone.

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World wide

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Born in Portland, Maine, I spent a lot of my childhood walking the cobblestones of the Old Port area enthralled with the light and shade of the historic architecture and immersed in strong visuals and endless permutations of burnt and distressed saltwater piers. New England’s perfect four seasons provided an ever-changing backdrop for imagination.

The rest of my time was spent disassembling and reassembling almost anything I could lay my little fingers on and combining them in unholy ways. Televisions, toys, clocks, wheelchairs, pianos, crystal chandeliers, lawnmowers, and tables, the more unrelated the more vulnerable they were to my obsessive need to tear down, combine, and rebuild thereby signifying and infusing new purpose.

Fast forward to the eighties, a new waterfront to traverse and The School of The Art Institute of Chicago for a graduate degree. I had a small sculpture studio by the rarely inhabited department office with a phone that rang incessantly. Little did I know that my intercepting those calls would lead to the perfect marriage of impulse and career.

Laidlaw is now an “art firm “ of designers, art metal fabricators, sculptors, mold makers, woodworkers and antique restorers.

Since my days at S.A.I.C., we have provided clients a wide variety of services, working closely with their designers and ours to achieve some of the finest and most individual renderings of furniture and art concepts available.

Ever restless and eclectic, we keep busy. We absolutely love designing, fabricating, reproducing, rendering, conserving, and the restoration of graphic, ornamental, sculptural objects, and furniture for architectural, and home decorative applications.

The materials we enjoy working with include but are not limited to are wood, terra cotta, porcelain, cast and fabricated bronze, brass, steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, plaster, and cast stone. We do tend to get a little overly enthusiastic at times, but we love what we do. Every project is a new adventure.

Our clients are Interior Designers, the film industry, artists, musicians, collectors, antique stores, art galleries, restaurants, and homeowners. We ship anywhere in the world.

If you believe you may be in need of our services or are just curious about us, we would be pleased to provide you with further information.

Certification and Awards
Chicago home and Garden
Best of Chicago
January/February 2008
Keene, New Hampshire, NH US 
Eric Laidlaw 
Eric Laidlaw 63 Emerald Street
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