Offering a true “custom” home program, Russell Bird believes one of the company’s advantages is his architectural background. “I like the design phase, so I am more active in that phase of the business than some other builders”, states Bird. “I think this gives our customers an advantage, in that they get a better designed home that meets their lifestyle, without as much wasted space. This creates value in the home. The best part of being involved in the design phase is greater communication with the customer, which allows us to incorporate some of our favorite design features into the plan. We want each home we build to “wow” our customers and their friends.” The building process should be an enjoyable experience and we at Courtland Building Company, Inc. try to build every home as if it were our own personal home.

This attitude creates trust between the buyer and builder and establishes a good working relationship, which can develop into a lasting friendship. Courtland Building Company, Inc. is proud of our new home construction success, but more importantly, we are proud of the fact that we have built new homes for many new friends.
Contact: Russell Bird
Location: Eldridge Parkway Unit 169
Houston, TX 77079
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