"Room 4 Dreams" is a one-day interior design service dedicated to helping you realize your dreams...

As a professional designer in Southern California, Cyndee Kravetsky specializes in regrouping and rearranging your existing furnishings and accessories, going room-by-room to bring everything you own into beautiful focus, giving your home 'new' life and personality..

Cyndee believes your furniture, your paintings, your accessories and the family treasures and pieces you've collected through the years are a reflection of your personality and can be artfully redesigned to bring fresh life to old rooms. The results are exciting, dramatic and instant. She then helps you create a master plan for future purchases to implement at your own pace and budget.

By interpreting your personality and individual style, Cyndee can prevent costly interior decorating mistakes while developing your uniquely personal "look", on your budget, to create the warm, cozy nest of your dreams.

Cyndee also specializes in color counseling. She works with you to identify the perfect paint colors to reflect your homes' personality, removing the overwhelming, and sometimes intimidating process of color selection.

If you are planning to sell your home, Cyndee can help professionally "stage" your home so that you reap the highest possible financial return and minimize the length of time that your home is on the market.

Meet Cyndee...Experience counts...
Contact: Cyndee Kravetsky
Location: CA
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