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Business Description
Cyrus Company was founded in the 1970’s in Brianza, Italy, the home of artistic furniture. When Italian creativity began gaining ground and fame throughout the world, it defined a sophisticated, intelligent image, whereby ‘being’ became more important than ‘seeming’. Where design always has substance, elegance can be summed up in a detail.

Each piece of furniture is different from the other, but each one is smoothed by experience and lit up by passion. Fated to become a symbol of a way of life and living, they are unique and irreplaceable, as every love object.

The color white for Cyrus Company is much more than a color, it is a philosophy, like a large page where each person can write their own individual stories and dreams. It is a romantic vision made by emotion that we share with each of our customers.
New York, NY US 
Giovanni Monzio Compagnoni 
57 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012 
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