I've designing & decorating homes for more than 2 decades. My style is upscale casual, shabby chic,modern eclectic. I'm a single mom of 2 beautiful sons and an artist. For 15 yrs I designed business interiors that were full of color, balance and were effective workplaces. A tramatic event in my life made me realize that I love working with people to help them create the homes they have imagined, a home full of their personal essence, that they LOVE. My 4 letter word rule for my clients is "LOVE", they must love what they own. So, now I concentrate on creating home decor that people LOVE.
I write decorating ideas on Facebook & Twitter. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Toronto-ON/CHRISSE-ALLAN-DESIGN-ASSOCIATES/147422028684
I help you make your design decisions easy.
Contact: Chrisse Allan
Location: 154 Victor Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4K 1B1
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