Architectural Studio "Didencul Project"

Business Description
Architectural studio DIDENCUL Project is
an innovative architecture and urban design bureau.
Owing to our high creative and professional
potential, we combine in the best way the elegance and
beauty of the concept project with technical realization
capabilities, while keeping the costs reasonable for the
entire project.
We attach great importance to cooperation between
the buildings and environment in which they are situated
for providing an uplifting backdrop for daily life.
We consider the environmental protection and
resource awareness to be an indispensable part of our
current and future work.
The creative process is based on an open
exchange of ideas both within the firm and more
importantly, between the client and the firm, throughout
the development of a project.
Every project present itself a synthesis of our own
expertise and experience with that of our partners and
We take care about our development, so we
continuously acquire knowledge about new technologies
in our business. We collaborate with different crafts
people to fabricate specific architectural elements.
One of the main goals of our bureau is to create
a positive medium of communication and design that
enables and inspires multiple interests to collaborate from
diverse viewpoints.
Chisinau, MD 
Dumitru Didencul 
Liviu Deleanu 3/1 - 58
Chisinau MD2012
Moldova, Republic Of 
No recent activity
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