Call us old-fashioned if you want, because that’s exactly what we are when it comes to refinishing your floors. Any job we do, we do it right---meaning we’re not done until the customer is 100% satisfied. That’s how business used to be conducted all the time, and it’s a fading tradition that we never lose sight of. So call us old-fashioned, we take pride in it.

You’ll love the brand-new look of your house that our hardwood finishing will bring. And you’ll also certainly love how we do it without turning your home into the dust pile that most refinishing systems create. Our state-of-the-art containment system sucks up the dust and shoots it out of the house through a three-inch vacuum hose directly into our collection containers. And we offer odorless and environmentally friendly finishes.

Doctor Dustless, with 15 years of hardwood experience, promises you a job done right, cleanly and with minimal disruption. We take pride in standing behind all our work, so you’ll take pride in standing on it.

Services Provided
Wood Floor Refinishing and Installation

Areas Served
Central New Jersey
Contact: Emil Habib
Location: Monroe Township, NJ 08831
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