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I received my degree from Radford University and have been practicing interior design for 25 years, founding Elegant Designs, Inc. in 2004. I love to do all styles of residential interior design and small commercial projects. I am a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.
Williamsburg, VA US 
4001 Elizabeth Killebrew
Williamsburg, VA 23188 
(757) 220-9002 
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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Go Custom Made

Get a look that’s totally you — and possibly for a lower cost than you might think Full Story
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Apartment 46 for the Home
cardiganqueenmrs life is too short to have sad sofa pillows! Hit up your local upscale fabric stores - such as Calico Corner - and check out their sale bolts and sign up for upcoming sales. They tend to have a range of trim that can't be found anywhere else and will definitely get your imagination going!
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I buy place mats or kitchen towels when I travel. They make great covers for boudoir pillows, which are my favorite size, 12"x16”.

Sewing three and a half sides of fabric is within the abilities of most people! Don't bother with a zipper; hand stitch the opening.

Then you can think about making your own piping, which is only a little more difficult. It gives the pillows definition and makes them look more professional.
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Was ist eigentlich… Art déco?

Wohnen wie der große Gatsby: Das Art déco ist der mondäne Stil der zwanziger Jahre – und Ausdruck einer entfesselten Gesellschaft Full Story
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Art Deco Elements Create a Contemporary Flap

The rich colors and angled forms of this retro style are still jazzing up interior designs in all manner of homes today Full Story
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Ariel Snow
I just read the articles on Arts and Crafts, Deco Art, and Art Nouveau. Thank you for the great information and the equally educational discussion following this article. I recently bought the chairs pictured below and am using their style to inspire the rest of my room. Crate and Barrel categorizes them as French Art Deco, so I have explored that period. I love the fantastic wood veneer waterfalls and sunbursts of Deco Art (but not all the black lacquer, chrome, and tassels). In contrast, love the natural colors and materials of the Arts and Craft period, but I haven't known how to tastefully merge this with Art Deco. After reading about Art Nouveau, I wonder if this is really the period I want to create in my living /dining space. Any suggestions are welcome.
June 29, 2013 at 11:20PM   
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I agree with Paul D'Amico that Art Deco can get very silly very fast, but the key, according to rocker Bob Seeger, is "what to leave in, what to leave out." Art Deco was a language with a great many dialects, but I'm most fascinated by Greco Deco, which was almost never applied to homes but extensively used for the great public buildings such as libraries and post offices before 1950.

August 6, 2014 at 9:00AM   
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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts: What’s the Difference?

If the zigzag and swirly designs of the past leave your head spinning, these descriptions will straighten you right out Full Story
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For me, it would be ideal to mix Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, and Mission all together. There are a lot of overlapping aspects to each that appeal to me, and the subtle differences would be charming.
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Terry Bostwick Studio Furniture
Yes, skoret, vernacular is an appropriate word to use in understanding how these things develop and become other than what was originally in the heads of designers through time. Others look, others decide what is real or good. There isn't an initial clear imperative to create the next big thing. It is, as I said earlier, part of a continuum of feeding off the amazing work of others thinking in a similar manner as you noted - when we as designers are so lucky to have others around with a similar mindset - unfortunately today we mostly have a lot of scaredy cat designers who stick to the current trends rather than take chances and explore. I find it amazing that the time periods we are referring to they didn't have the internet as we have today, to see what others are doing at a moments glance. And it is what I like about Houzz where we are all feeding our ideas and thoughts and understandings to create a nuance to whatever fits our design needs. Just as apriltini said, mix it all up, and make it work for you. As designers, pick and choose details that turn you on, steal it, if you will, and turn it into something new. (I remember discovering a guy who I believe was feeding off my early designs, unbeknownst to me, and was doing some incredible interpretations I felt were better than mine and I told him so. I wonder if Louis Majorelle was talking to the Jugendstill artists? It took weeks to send a letter.)

And I love it when people are brave enough to take chances in their homes and break free of what the neighbors have and expect. That's what makes my world interesting and beautiful.

It reminds of the impact explorers like Marco Polo had, upon returning from the East, on European design so many centuries ago. It changed everything but it took a hundred years to filter into the focus of those who were designing - voila! Chippendale. Today it takes seconds. In my own professional experience I remember during the mid 90's and how hungry I was to find others out there in the world who were thinking 'artistically' about designing furniture. Then, poof, we were blessed with the internet. Incredible, it was like the clouds parted and I had access to so many other ways of 'seeing'. And all of a sudden people all over the world became aware of my work. It was a heady, exciting moment.

So when we look back it is with our own eyes that we see, sometimes we need the interpretations of others who 'study' to help us see, but we still fit things into our needs or desires to make our homes beautiful and passions become real. It is great that we have scholars, who attempt to decide, it does help us understand in retrospect, but we need to decide for ourselves what is beautiful and fits our needs.
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Elle Decoration
The mirror is not available in USA but we can certainly organise the shipping from Australia to USA, delivery approx. cost AUD$350 for each mirror.
Medium: 1070h x 700w mm: AUD$525
Large: 1530h x 940w mm: AUD$725
October 6, 2013 at 4:39PM   
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LOVING the basin :) looks great
March 19, 2014 at 4:51PM   
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Kitchen of the Week: Seeking Balance in Virginia

Poor flow and layout issues plagued this kitchen for a family, until an award-winning design came to the rescue Full Story
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love the white and wood contrast
August 17, 2014 at 11:19AM   
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This new kitchen is beautiful to look at, but the cooktop is way too far away from the sink to be practical, in my opinion. The actual cooking area needs to have the fridge, the stove, and the sink in more proximity to one another. I think that is just too big to be a really functional kitchen. It may showcase well, but it would be a marathon to run between the functioning parts of this kitchen to actually do any serious cooking.
I liked the "before" kitchen better.
Maybe just opening up the floor space a little, detaching that one countertop from the wall by the window, and updating the lighting and fixtures would have worked just as well. Maintaining a tighter and more efficient work area while creating more open space around it would have been a better improvement, in my opinion.
I would disagree with replacing the natural light of a window with artificial lighting and more storage space. There already was a lot of storage space.
I would judge this as case of form over function,rather than a nice blend of form with function. Perhaps this is just what the client wanted, or not. After it has become a showcase kitchen, how can the client make the complaint that is like cooking in a gymnasium and that ferrying hot pots and loaded kettles to the sink is a sprint? I see that this remodel has been lauded for it's good work flow. I would respectfully disagree. There is a reason that the triangle and the "L" and the "U" has been so popular for so long. It works.
August 24, 2014 at 7:10AM     
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