Our History --- from Ditch Digger to Award Winning Contractor

I received my landscape contractor's license and became sole owner of my business in 1971. I have operated as a sole proprietor since that time. The first 12 years of my experience was providing services in the Santa Barbara area, wherein we designed and installed the landscaping at President Regan's ranch and a recreational field at Jane Fonda's ranch among others.

Due to a protracted building moratorium in that area, we relocated to the Bay area in 1983. Since that time, we have received at least one award every year from the local California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA). In additon, we have won several awards from statewide competition in the CLCA. In 1991, I served as the local president of the CLCA and in 1994, served as the State president.

In early 1995, I realized that I could better serve my clients if I was able to focus on their needs without the distraction of employees. At that time, I changed the name of the firm from Everett Landscape to EvLand LLC. Under the name of Everett Landscape, I had developed a stable of subcontractors that I could rely upon. Using former competitors in the CLCA to take care of the planting and irrigation and my former subcontractors for necessary allied trades (such as electricians, masons, concrete, swim pools, carpentry, etc.), I was able to continue to offer my clients the highest workmanship, while concentrating on design and supervision.

If you are interested in our services and contact us, I will be glad to provide you with a list of past clients. The clients on this list come from projects over the past decade. They have not been contacted since installation, so as to provide an honest appraisal of lasting value of their landscape investment and experience working with EvLand.

Please feel free to call past EvLand clientele to ask if they were happy with the service received, the attention to quality, the level of hands-on supervision during the installation process, and the lasting impression these clients feel about their experience with this unique approach to landscape installation management. I trust that you will then allow me the privilege of being of service to your landscape needs.

Service Provided
Landscape Design & Installation
Project Management
External General Contracting
Turn-Key Oversight

Area Served
SF Bay Area
San Francisco Peninsula Landscape Project Management Specialist
Contact: Jim Everett
2131 Edgewood Road
Redwood City, CA 94062
License Number: C-27 # 328563
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