Unlike most Professional Artist I take great pride in not being formerly trained. It allows my creative abilities to work in the most organic form without the liabilities of doing something “wrong”. I create with an open raw mind giving me my edge and my unique style. I use very nontraditional techniques and tools when painting on canvas. I love to explore, which allows me to push myself creatively.

My inspiration is drawn from the beauty of the outdoors. There is nothing else that liquefies my creative juices and makes them flow then a beautiful day outside. Nature is my studio, so you’ll catch me there every day the sun is shining bright!

Service Provided
I go the extra mile for my clients...
I'll bring the art to you! This allows the buyer to view the art in the space it will be "living".

I will come out and do an art consult free of charge and give advice on size, style and colors.

If you know what you want and I don't have it, I will paint art custom to your wants, needs and desires

Area Served
Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio. However, I will ship to anywhere in the U.S.
Contact: Erica Wildman
Location: Capital of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX 78731
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