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Architectural Precast Concrete

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Our concrete panel is a six-inch engineered monocoque wall made of 35 MPa concrete and a steel armature.. The panels combine structure and exterior facing.
Our concrete panels are also structural, which means they don’t need any support. They support themselves and can also support the floor and the roof. That is why concrete construction is so quickly put up.

In addition to its impressive lifespan, concrete also offers the following advantages:
• non flammable and safe
• ecological
• healthy and comfortable
• soundproof
• lasting and highquality

Advantages of our precast concrete:
• exclusive design with relief and pattern (our aesthetic product)
• modifying design with competitive prices (modular fabrication)
• very rapid production (hydraulic table)
• architectural and structural precast (many on the market are not structural)
• movable and portable fabrication (20% less installation costs)
• competitive sales prices
• sandwich panel insulated with prewire and interior lite concrete
• very rapid production
• standard interior walls minimum 9.5 feet high
St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, QC CA 
Rejean Deziel 
2640 chemin Émilien-Laforest
St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec J1Z 2J3
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