Services Provided
We provide high end furniture and sculpture. We are specialized in custom made tables: Dining tables, coffee tables, conference tables, consoles and bookshelves.

In sculpture we do outdoor and indoor art, wall art sculptures, from small to monumental dimensions.

Areas Served
Europe, USA

Business Description
We create artistic elements applied to a specific need.
Gonzalo De Salas is a furniture designer and sculptor.
His work is aimed for modern top end decoration projects. Our clients are interior designers, architects, home owners, and fine furniture stores.
His creations are the result of the evolution of art work applied to the design of decorative objects. With the same essence as in sculpture, but not forgetting for one moment the functionality of the object, he creates furniture using high quality materials mixed to obtain surprising solutions.
Gonzalo De Salas is based in Spain from where we distribute all over Europe.
We would like to find professional partners to introduce our products in the US.
Anyone interested can contact us through our website www.gonzalodesalas.com/en
Madrid, ES 
SKYPE: gonzalodesalas,
Spain, 28232 
+34 913991034 
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Hi Natalya,

As furniture designer I think you might find some good options or your coffee table and side tables among my designs.

I invite you to visit www.gonzalodesalas.com/en

I work on demand so you can choose any model and have it adapted to the size and finish color you like.

Here I post some ideas.

If you'd like to contact me you can email me at

Best regards.
on Monday at 4:03pm   
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Hi Caronna

Since I just arrived home from Paris yesterday ...I feel like I must say something to your discussion! :-)

I am furniture designer and just visited Paris because I have clients there I had to meet. Although I do custom-made furniture I also fabricate some tables that might go quite well for you.

Have you thought of glass dining table to liberate the space and make it look bigger? In Paris appartments is common not to have large spaces and that might help you.

Additionally my suggestion is to put some nice modern design table that will cheer up the decoration.

Here I post some ideas , but you can see more at my website: www.gonzalodesalas.com/en

If you like it and want me to send you catalogs or more info you can email me at:

Best regards.
on Monday at 3:51pm   
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on Monday at 8:22pm   
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to me it seems like the dining space is larger than the living space...if the dining area is not used often I would move the dining table to the living area near the window. There was mention of a desk area which I would put on the back end of the now living space with both book shelves, desk and make a work space...maybe using the open shelving unit as a room divider. You could put a sideboard along the wall where the glass book case is now for serving purposes if you were having a dinner party....turning the room with fireplace into your living area...
on Monday at 8:30pm   
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Regarding the coffee table, as sculptor and furniture designer what else can i do but to invite you to see my designs. I wouldn't write you if I wouldn't thing they wouldn't go well with your decoration,

You can visit : www.gonzalodesalas.com/en

All my tables are made on demand, therefore you can choose the size, colors, and material.

Here I post some examples.

If you need further information you can email me at:
on Monday at 3:25pm     
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@ amy , I visited your website ... Beautiful artwork .i will contact you once i am done with sofa .
on Thursday at 8:14am   
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Amy Vangsgard Gallery
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
on Thursday at 9:59am   
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