gutgut | active on various levels within the discipline of architecture, from architectural design to urban planning. Our knowledge is international in its scope whilst remaining local in its focus. We combine experience with a fresh boldness, contextual approach with contemporary trends, pragmatism with more speculative thinking, research with practice. We are convinced that architecture on different scales can provide answers to questions about the needs of today’s society and global urbanization.

Lukáš Kordík - born 12.03.1979 in Bratislava, EA Lyon (Fr) 2000/2001, graduated FASTU BA 2003;

Števo Polakovič - born 02.02.1963 in Bratislava, graduated FASTU BA 1987
Contact: Lukas Kordik
Location: Velehradska 8
Bratislava, Slovakia 851 02
Slovak Republic
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