When it comes to her craft, award-winning designer, Janeen Algren Swing likes to say, “I can do anything and I am not afraid of anything…I’ve got the knowledge and the passion.” Confident in her abilities as an Interior Designer, Janeen’s glittering resume speaks for itself. Her resume is impressive—it includes Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, the Hualien Ocean Park Resort in Taipei and a 35,000 square foot private residence in Beverly Park, just to name a few.

Janeen’s passionate and fearless work produces a visceral response; it is nearly impossible not to be mesmerized by it.

A master at collaborating and blending, each of her designs becomes a true work of art. The offices, rooms and suites she creates are like something out of a dream, full of color and vibrancy—yellows and blues on the walls, carefully coordinated rugs and distinct lighting. Yet the vibrancy is also elegant and tasteful with personal touches, like a family portrait on the living room wall or a teapot on the stove. There is harmonious beauty to her approach.

Services Provided
Schematics to Installation.When asked about the loftiness of her clientele or scope of her projects, Janeen doesn’t get intimidated and emphasizes, “I can do anything—I have the knowledge and I love to research and figure things out.” Janeen approaches each client with a fresh perspective, pulling in historical, geographical and cultural influences to create a leading-edge design. Each space created is unique; art to live in.

Areas Served

Certifications and Awards
IIDA Award
ASID Award
Leed Certfied
NEWH Award
Contact: Janeen Swing
Location: 555 Wilcox Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004
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