Jaxx started with an idea. We wanted to create furniture and accessories that can not only help shape your personal environment, but also the environment as a whole. We set out to design products that can become meaningful to how people lead their lives through combining beautiful forms with flawless functionality. Plus, we wanted to create products that had a positive impact on the environment by up-cycling unused byproducts and engineering a better shipping method.

It started in 2006 with bean bags. Our take on casual furniture features a proprietary blend of virgin scrap from other Atlanta furniture manufacturers we call ECOFOAM, which makes it an amazingly comfortable alternative to the conventional chair and couch. But that was just the beginning. We engineered a new technology that allows us to compress the ECOFOAM to 1/3 its original size, allowing us to ship and store our products in a much more effective manner with a reduced carbon footprint.

We have grown our offering into a line of smart, functional furniture that can adapt to every need and lifestyle. We know that you need your environment to work around you, and we are striving to develop solutions that not only look good but provide a new way of looking at and interacting with the space you live in.

We see this as being way beyond just furniture. Jaxx is for taking responsibility for your environment. Jaxx is for being present in your space. Jaxx is for living your life to the fullest.
Contact: Jaxx Casual Living
Location: 2745 Bankers Industrial Dr
Atlanta, GA 30360
Commented: international shipping? Hello Irene, We can ship to Australia. Please contact our customer service by phone or email for a custom shipping quote. Thanks & Best Regards, Jaxx
August 13, 2014 in Product Questions  
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