We began Dungan Nequette in a small sunroom with a couple of projects and a burning desire to get back to the craft of creating beauty- with thoughtfulness and care and real passion. We felt a kinship to the Arts and Crafts period, at the turn of the last century- more than mere style; it was a movement, a way of life. Like them we believed passionately in what we were doing. Our goal was to help people have better lives, by creating inspired places for them to truly live.

As things progressed, we did some nice architecture but there was something missing. We wanted our work to be consistent and for the quality and thoughtfulness of the architecture to be reflected in the interior spaces as well; especially the décor within the furnishings, draperies, rugs and artwork. It was an important and natural progression, so we created Tracery to create beautiful interiors. Following that progression, it was only a matter of time until we were design entire towns. Working in this market, we realized that there was a need to be able to communicate more effectively- "the vision". We began to create printed pieces, advertisements, signage and websites so once again we moved into a new area of design, at that point we created The G Brand to succinctly and elegantly present that vision.

Somewhere along the way, many talented, passionate and fun-loving people came along. Because of the synergy or their amazing work, the whole world is a better place. We work in the mountains and the beach and all points across the south, even in Canada or the Bahamas or Utah. We have now a "house of design", working together to create beautiful environments, helping people live better lives. It’s still about people- and a passion for great design.
Contact: Jeff Dungan
Location: 1906 Cahaba Road
Birmingham, AL 35223
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