We are a full service firm that custom fits small and large architecture designs to our clients and their budgets.

We see modern architecture as a dissolving of interior spaces into exterior spaces. We want our clients to feel as comfortable living outside as they do inside. By creative solar design and site orientation we create spaces that people enjoy living in, on a daily basis, as much as they do inside.

Architecture is changing from the sense of living inside a modern art box, to living outside the box within a holistic balance, rhythm and proportion of the art of being alive in an inside/outside living experience.
Contact: JosephGreif CynthiaNolting
Location: 921 NE Boat Street
Seattle, WA 98105
Commented: windows? These were 'Pella' Window and Doors - the main floor windows were approximately 3' wide 5.5'high.
October 1, 2014 in Photo Questions  
Commented: love the glass roof. What kind of weight can it take? This was built in Seattle so there is not a large snow load; it was designed for material thickness of about 1/2". We could have increased the thickness so that it would withstand any snow load and one...
February 19, 2014 in Photo Questions  
Commented: Polycarbonate Ceiling Iam from Seattle, This material came from a company called Crystalite, if you called them they maybe able to connect you to a dealer and an installer.. http://crystaliteinc.com/products/backyard-coverings/skin-system/...
February 19, 2014 in Photo Questions  
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