Exceptional design starts with more than a simple analysis of your site. It requires an understanding of your lifestyle, tastes, and the visions you have for your property. I am committed to taking the extra time to create a design that is in tune with your needs and exceeds your expectations

Imagine the beauty of a five-star resort spa, your own private patio and garden, or a pergola-covered dining room complete with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and bar. Perhaps your vision is a childrens garden, a water garden, or an organic kitchen garden. Imagine a wonderful place to find respite or meditate, a calm oasis, the sound of a trickling water feature, and the fresh scent of a garden after a Seattle fall rain. Imagine anything.

I understand that your home is not only your most important asset, it is the place you live, dream, play, and, in some cases, work. Your yard is a place for your children to play or a place to entertain business associates or host family gatherings. A well-designed landscape has the effect of bringing the outside in and the inside out. I am honored to help make your vision a reality.
Contact: kim rooney landscape architect
Location: seattle, WA
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