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Services Provided
Cord management, outlet covers, storage, container, cord, electrical, plates, outlet plates, outlets, plugs, switches.

Areas Served
Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom.

Business Description
Cordini, a cord storage device, very easy to use in homes, apartments, dorms, offices virtually everywhere you have an outlet you can use Cordini. Cordini is a cord storage product, it's packaged, patent pending, trademarked, electrical certified by Intertek, a member of GS1 US Barcodes, made and manufactured in the USA and also currently being sold on QVC. Cordini was also awarded "Best New Product in 2012" at the Great Big Texas Home Show in the Texas Stadium in Dallas.
I had a booth at 4 Home & Garden Shows, I sold over 830 in only four weekends. It was a jaw dropping experience to most that saw my invention and how easily it gets rid of excessive cord length.
Please look at my website, look at the "Before & After" photos and the installation video you can see yourself that this would be the perfect fit for all areas in your home.
Overview of product
Store cords easily and eliminate excessive cord length, and more importantly potential safety hazards, with the new Cordini.
I invented the Cordini – a cord storage product -- to help eliminate excessive cord length. But, it has the potential to do so much more! Using the Cordini can help prevent accidents, eliminate trip hazards and keep toddlers and pets safe. Use the Cordini with a variety of appliances, including: cell phone chargers, floor lamps, table lamps, oscillating fans, alarm clocks, desktop speaker wires, telephone wires, electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, pencil sharpeners, televisions, stereos, radios, PS3 boxes, paper shredders, printers, blenders, candle warmers the list is virtually endless.

Certification and Awards
Best New Product at the Great big Texas Home Show.
Austin, TX US 
Kevin Waggoner 
805 Angleton Cove,
Austin, Texas,
United States, 78748 
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Review by dynarider:

I love how the Cordini keeps my cabinet tops safe and neat. The cords are out of the way and that's what makes me happy.
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Review by dburns805:

Cordini is a very useful product. The problem of having excess cords on the floors and counters has now been fixed!! Thanks Cordini!! I put it to the test to...
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