Since 1983, Larru Leathers in Dallas, Texas has worked to differentiate itself as a leader with local artists, independent designers and architects, as well as, internationally known design houses.

Noted for time-honored handcrafted natural commissioned pieces, we are proud that our unique global approach and relationships have garnered the firm a world wide audience.

Our custom design leather works give clients a choice between modern, traditional and whimsical stylings which have been appointed for luxury residential and commercial projects, custom aircraft interiors and also artist commissions.

We have been honored numerous times when our revered installations of gold hand-tooled leather desktops, walls, screens and furnishings have been contained in award winning designs.

Clients are comprised of World Leaders, Industrialists, Investors, Business Magnets, and Social & Environmental Innovators**. And because it offers privacy and convenience, they appreciate our location in the Design District among influential modern art galleries, domestic & international showrooms and close proximity to DFW International

Services Provided
leather design projects requiring custom, personalized creations.
Contact: Marcelena Recatune
Location: Dallas, TX
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